Essential online wine stats and resources - 2018 edition

My 2017 collection of useful wine resources has become one of the most read blogs on this site, so here's an updated version containing all the latest wine stats and updated links.

Viti and vini reports - international

The OIV remains a vital repository of global stats relating to wine. The latest (2017) report on viticulture and viniculture can be found here. Their statistical analysis section include loads of other data, including for previous years and in multiple languages. See also the California Wine Institute's useful world statistics pdfs.

Which Winegrapes Are Grown Where? is now five years old, but there's no better free resource giving such detailed records of varieties and their hectarage.

Viti and vini reports - national

To get a more detailed breakdown of production data for specific countries isn't always straightforward. Some countries freely release official data (eg Germany), some require membership (eg Australia), while some don't seem to release any figures (eg Italy).

Here is a selection:

Market data

Much official research data remains understandably expensive. But there are still good ways to get similar information for free.

Most of these links concern the UK market, but in many cases you can search within the website to find data for other markets.

  • The WSTA facts & figures section comes from the UK wine trade's official body, providing a useful overview of the market.
  • GAIN is the US governments Global Agricultural Information Network, which publishes detailed analyses of wine markets around the world. See all their reports here, and search for wine to find the relevant reports. For example, the UK Wine Market Report 2016 report contains a wealth of really detailed information about wine consumption and production trends.
  • Sonal Holland MW has produced the first-ever report profiling Indian wine consumers - download the pdf.

Other resources

Here are a few other resources I have found useful:

  • Ablegrape, the wine search engine, now seems to be defunct.
  • Complete list of wine appellations around the world (click 'European GIs) in sidebar
  • The INAO search engine (French) allows you to find the technical sheets for every French wine appellation
  • Regional wine websites on - a list of all official webpages for wine regions around the world
  • Wine duty rates for every country in the EU
  • I numeri del vino (Italian) has a big archive of statistical analysis on lots of wine-related matters
  • My article on about useful figures and calculations relating to wine, including loads of examples

Let me know if you have any additional suggestions to add to these!