Handy FREE photo resource for the wine trade

This site is hosted on Squarespace, an all-in-one website platform that I have been using for several years. They recently announced a partnership with Unsplash - a free online photo library which allows anyone to download and re-use hundreds of top-quality photos under a completely free licence.

You don’t need a Squarespace site to use Unsplash - their website is accessible by anyone, and no account or signup is currently required. I searched for several wine-related keywords and found loads of really useful, attractive pictures - see below.

There are other free image sites out there, but Unsplash is easy to use and understand, with a transparent usage policy and a good selection of quality photos. They tend to be generic rather than specific, and there’s a risk that the same images could become overused, but I still think it is a really handy resource for anyone publishing wine content.

Unsplash is potentially bad news, of course, for any professional photographers working in this area - though on the other hand, it could be a good way for photographers to get their work noticed with the idea of then generating paid-for commissions. A similar concept underlines many blogs, you could argue.

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