What's in my Eurocave 2017

When I bought my Eurocave over two years ago, the intention was to keep some bottles long term, but to have at least 25% ready to drink. There have generally always been a few spare slots as I drank various bottles and bought new ones on a whim. Last month, however, I filled every spare slot, so I figured now would be a good time to audit what I've got and provide a few selected highlights.

Of the nine wines I mention in December 2015, only three are still present. So much for keeping wines long term. They are: 

  • Samsara, Rancho La Viña Pinot Noir 2012 St Rita Hills
  • Cien y Pico, Doble Pasta 2009 Manchuela
  • Damianitza, Uniqato Rubin 2010 PGI Thracian Lowlands

I'm endeavouring to not open them until at least ten years after their vintage. Based on my prowess so far, that isn't very likely. However, there are plenty of others to drink in the meantime ...

Taylors 1985.JPG

The Taylors 1985 was a recent purchase from The Wine Society - at £75, this is a massive bargain, and I intend to open it this winter. The Schloss Johannisberg Rotlack Riesling Feinherb is a 2013 and should keep for years, but I reckon about five years old will be just to my taste - not too oily, still full of fruit. I bought a bottle of Solace Syrah in Edinburgh earlier this year and it blew me away. It's made by Iona, and is genuinely one of the best Syrahs I've had all year. When I saw it for £21 from The Wine Society, I bought three more. And Norman Hardie Chardonnay is one of my all-time favourites. Olly Smith gave me this bottle in this podcast episode.

Then there's a bunch of bottles that I will try and keep a bit longer, if I can.

The Janasse Vieille Vignes Châteauneuf was a gift from the singers in Skin Côntact LIVE AGAIN so has great sentimental value. I intend to open on the ten-year anniversary of the gig (12 May 2026). I got lucky with the Château Figeac, which came in a random case of bottles bought from the Institute of Masters of Wine when they were clearing out ready for their office move. The 2016 Assyrtiko de Mylos was the last vintage made by Harry Hatzidakis before he tragically died this year, so I will open that in his honour in the next few years. And the Jamet Côte-Rôtie 2010 is pretty much my ultimate wine. The 2010 vintage is going for around £150 per bottle today - way beyond my usual price range (this bottle was a gift).

Oh, and that random bottle of sake? I finally chucked it away last week. The bottle was leaking and it had turned yellow.