Writing a book part 23 - ploughing on

As with last month, I feel like what I'm writing for the book at the moment is more functional than it is good quality, as I try to stick to my self-imposed deadlines and get the first draft finished. It's pretty horrible forcing out words when you're convinced they're mostly rubbish, but I'm convincing myself that it's better to get something on the page than nothing at all. 

Having said that, my target of 300 words per day has been slipping, and I've also gone back to write more of chapter 24, despite having supposed to have finished it. My initial target of finishing chapter 25 by July 14th seems very unlikely now, and because of the summer break there is going to be a two-month hiatus before I start writing again. 

However, I will still finish the first draft in autumn, and will start rewriting immediately. Quite how that will work, or how will it will take, I have no idea.

Something I've found interesting about the writing process is how it can be affected by what I'm reading. I didn't especially enjoy the last few books I've read (Mister Pip and How Proust Can Change Your Life) and suspect it may have been demotivating. Whereas now that I am re-reading a novel by one of my favourite authors (Ali Smith's The Accidental), I feel more inspired and enthused. Smith's writing is far more brilliant, self-assured and sophisticated than mine will ever be - but it's nice just to feel that something is so good might be having an influence.

I guess I will find out whether that actually makes my writing any better when the rewrite begins.