Writing a book part 35 - new name but same problem

printout of page one.png

Predictably, the summer months have been poor for writing. With various short trips for holiday or to see family throughout late July and August (as well as the small matter of celebrating my 40th birthday), I've barely written anything for my book.

Consequently, the timetable I vowed to stick to is completely out of touch with reality. By now, I wanted my rewrite to have reached chapter 15; I'm only half-way through chapter 11. There's not much point in getting frustrated about this - I'm now rather blasé about when this book will get finished. After all, my original deadline was to have it finished by my 40th, and now that has passed, there is no other arbitrary date before which I want to be finished.

Unless we count my 50th birthday.

At this rate, it will be the second half of 2019 before I finish - but I do intend to, and am still enjoying the process. 

Today, returning to the book after several weeks, I changed the name of the main character. She was called Chloe, which felt too exotic for somebody who thinks herself as rather ordinary. But I didn't just want to use any old common name in its place. Eventually I settled on Penny (weirdly inspired by Pennywise the clown from It, which has got nothing to do with my story whatsoever) and think it fits rather well.

But another year of writing - at least - gives me plenty of time to change my mind again.