What Google tells us about wine

One of Google's least exploited benefits is its autosuggest feature - not by those searching, but by those being searched for. Here's an example. Start typing the words 'is Chablis' and this is what you get:

If I was a Chablis producer, I would make very sure I had a dedicated webpage to answer each of those questions - then with a bit of SEO, your brand is suddenly in front of anyone asking the most common questions about Chablis on the internet.

Funnily enough, these questions are almost identical for several other wine types I searched for:

Without wishing to sound too haughty, this is nothing less than an insight into humanity's fundamental questions about wine. Read 'em and weep.

Rephrasing the question reveals rather more intriguing glimpses into internet groupthink. 'Does Bordeaux', for example, prompts enquiries relating mostly to the city - though the fourth question is by far the most revealing about general wine knowledge.

While substituting Chablis produces some eyebrow-raising results:

I then repeated the experiment for three sparkling wines: cava, prosecco and champagne. By dint of their ubiquity, these are probably more likely to be routinely searched for online. The first set of results remind us how basic most questions about wine can be. Note how many enquiries are simply about dietary concerns:

Change the interrogative word to 'does', and the consistent concern is how long sparkling wine keeps once opened. I'm personally quite fond of the fourth autosuggestion for cava:

Whereas asking 'which' unveils another treasure trove of free market research. This is what the world wants to know about your wine, producers! Are you listening?

Incidentally, I used a browser with no search history, no cookies and an empty cache to try and ensure I got the most unbiased results - otherwise, Google tailors its suggestions accordingly to your own online activity. So as far as I can tell, these screengrabs show us the planet's most commonplace enquiries about wine.